For those of you with a more geek-ish bent, I have udated the Ultima Digital Music Archive.

The Ultima VI archive is currently the only one available. However, I have re-recorded all the MP3s so that they are now clearer and louder. They now also loop properly rather than fading out. Finally, it was brought to my attention that “Engagement & Melee” was missing from the archive. It is now provided. Enjoy!

Some more good news about the archive. I recently received more space from my web host. So, I should have room to post at least a few more archives. Ultima VII: The Black Gate/Serpent Isle is next. Followed (probably) by Ultima Underworld.

Ultima VII is perhaps the best music ever done on the Roland LAPC-1 and really shows off what it could do. Much moreso than Ultima VI.