Well, it had only been four years!

I was cleaning out a closet the other day, and was surprised to find many of the innards for my old PII 450 machine (c. 1998). All I needed to resurrect it was a power supply and a hard drive. $70 and two days later (I love newegg), I had her up and running.

This, of course, provided me with a new ISA-slot-equipped home for my Roland LAPC-1 and Roland SCC-1 MIDI cards. So, I took this opportunity to make some recordings and update the Ultima Digital Music Archive (UDMA) with an entry for Ultima Online.

At some point, I do hope to upload some recordings from Ultima Underworld as well as Ultima VIII: Pagan (game was terrible. But music was great!).

Yes, the UDMA is still there. On the right under “Defunct Geekery.”

No, my wife doesn’t understand. Bless her.