Okay. . . so one more Ultima IV (via xu4 engine) fix on top of the Roland (recorded) MIDI music upgrade and the graphics fix.

At endgame, a few months ago, I was disappointed to find that the symbol of the codex was mangled. After answering the second question (Honesty, Compassion, etc.). . . the graphics become corrupted.


Through some trial and error (at first I tried editing the image files themselves), I realized that this is an easy fix. Each image provided for this part of the game should be stand-alone, it’s just a slideshow. Yet the xu4 engine was trying to stack them on top of each other while treating them as transparent.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon what is apparently telling the xU4 engine to treat these (wrongly) as transparent. . .

In the conf/graphics.xml file within the imageset VGA-ALLPNG section, find the “abyss vision images” area, and remove the ‘fixup=”abyss”‘ value from each image entry. Here’s what you’re looking for. . .


‘fixup=”abyss”‘ also appears elsewhere in the file, but if you’re running “VGA-ALLPNG” (presumably along with my fix that restores the original U4 Upgrade visuals) as your video mode in the game, that’s all you should need to do.

Here’s the result. . .


I’ve updated my graphics fix package with the changes outlined above. So, those installing it after today don’t need to worry about fixing the endgame images as outlined above. It’ll be done for you.