Current Version:  4.02 (Final)
Dated January 28, 1998
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Enhancements Over Version 4.01

I have come to the conclusion that the 4.01 revision made the scenario too dificult. The first two items below were implemented to remedy this situation.

  • "The Will of Maedhros" has been added to the fortress of Himring. This gives that all-important fortress a better chance of withstanding the onslaught of the Balrogs (as it did in the book).

  • Dragons now cost even more to produce.

  • There has been a slight change to the text that accompanies Beren's introduction to the game. In its previous form, the text might not have matched the on-screen action under certain circumstances.

Enhancements Over Version 4.0

  • Azaghal now appears!

  • Dragons can now attack Eagles.

  • Dragons now cost more to produce.

  • Sauron and Gluarung are now a bit stronger.

  • Ungoliant Spawn are stronger as well.

  • The Noldor have an additional settler when the scenario begins.

Enhancements Over Version 3.0

  • 32 NEW UNITS! Elf Lords have been individualized. The heroes of the Edain are also present. Thingol and Beleg dwell in Doriath. . . etc. Morgoth also has new units!

  • Units look better.

  • Sauron and Glaurung are now included.

  • Unit strengths heavily modified. This entails changes in strategy so be sure to look at the "STATS.TXT" file.

  • All terrain is now more varied. Anywhere where I could justify it according to the books, I added forests, hills, and plains.

  • "Impassable Terrain" has now been implemented. Some rivers are now impassable except at fords. Likewise, some mountain ranges cannot be crossed except at designated passes.

  • Gondolin has been made larger and more powerful. This was done after further research demonstrated that I had misjudged the size and military power of Gondolin. However, it is now impossible to use the units in Gondolin until Turgon opens the gates of Gondolin and the hidden people come forth!

  • Girdle of Melian implemented differently. It is no longer a Wonder and is now much more powerful.

  • Nan Dungortheb, the area between the Ered Gorgoroth and the North of Doriath, is now represented and is truly dangerous.

  • Icons are now consistent with the Middle-earth theme.

  • Certain Techs are now "untradable" even between friends.

  • Morgoth can no longer be destroyed by starvation.

  • Terrain around Angand is now more "natural" for the area.

  • Morgoth can no longer create legions. This is consistent with the book. The followers of Ulfang did not betray the Sons of Feanor and Edain until the Nirnaeth Arnoediad.

  • The Swarthy Easterlings now appear.

  • And much, much more!

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