I was looking for an email, and I found this dialogue from the Simpsons in a an email to a friend. I wish the show were still this good on a regular basis:

Marge: “You changed your name to Max Power?”

Homer: “Yes, dynamic isn’t it?

Bart: “I love it Max!”

Marge: “But how will the mailman know what to do with your mail? Did you think of the mailman before you did this?”

Homer: “Yes, briefly.”

Marge: “But what about the tatoo on my ‘you know where’?”

Homer: “Oh Marge, they have acids that can burn that off!”

Marge: “But I fell in love with Homer Simpson. I don’t want to snuggle with Max Power.”

Homer: “Nobody snuggles with Max Power! You strap yourself in and FEEL THE G-s!”

Marge: “Good Lord!”