1. Hey T-Bone. You ever tried the "bookmarklets" feature. I finally got it working with mine. . . and modified things for easy one-click posting of quotes from any web page. Unfortunately, I think you have to use IE though. And I think you’re a linux guy now. 🙁

  2. I never did try that, although it was suppose to make it easy for the Blogger to link-back to off-site stories, etc. Sounded pretty cool, I’m just a simple copy-n-paste guy =) I’m not fully moved to Linux, I need a machine game on for Far Cry and Pirates =)

  3. Pirates, oh joy… happy offline digital crack, for when World of Warcraft is misbehaving… 🙂

    Oh, ya, hope the wrist is doing better there, Hurin!

  4. Pirates was the only game I could really play without limitation while wearing my cast. It was indeed crack. I played the hell out of it. So much so that I can’t think of a single thing left to do. . . except capture a Ship of the Line and/or totally conquer the carribean for one nation. 🙂

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