We’ve moved to a server that provides me fifteen times more server space as well as MySQL and PHP. This new server only costs $7.95/month whereas the old server cost $25/month for less space and bandwidth and the old one would have charged a lot more for MySQL and PHP. Here, it’s just included for a lot less.

I should have done this years ago.

I’m taking this opportunity to kill off some seldom-used areas of the site and I’m also obviously giving WordPress a whirl. I’ll miss the old site layout as it was a custom design by yours truly (using notepad!) and made use of some nice artwork by friends and online aquaintances. But, WordPress is amazing. Once I got the old GreyMatter posts imported, I found about twenty spams in the comments almost instantly and deleted them very easily. I never would have found them (and deleting them would have been a pain) with GreyMatter.

The power of WordPress continues to impress me. But I obviously need to give its templates some work as soon as I brush up on CSS and the template formats.

Though there’s a lot new, please note the “Defunct Geekery” links to the side. I didn’t want to quite get rid of it all.