xU4 is Back! – Roland Recordings Now Included as Module!

Greetings Ultima IV fans looking for the xu4 fixes and Roland recordings hosted here! I have great news! The xu4 Project is back and work is taking place at a feverish pace! And, there’s additional good news in that my recordings of Telavar’s Ultima Music won’t be going to waste and are now even easier to use with xu4.

Due to the kind nature of the xu4 team, who took it upon themselves to re-package the recordings, they are now part of a module that can simply be placed alongside the xu4 executable.

Likewise, you should no longer need to download my fixes and tweaks to the graphics tiles mentioned in prior posts. Just download Wiltshire Dragon’s and Aradindae Dragon’s original Ultima IV Upgrade package and place the U4UPGRAD.ZIP file (still zipped!) next to the xu4 executable as well.

With the original ultima4 game files directory, the “Hurin” music module, and the U4UPGRAD.ZIP file all in the xu4 directory, you should be able to press ESC from within xu4 and choose whatever your prefer. Like so. . .

One additional note: It appears that the “U4-Recreated-DR” mod includes the upgraded graphics pack so the U4UPGRAD.ZIP file should no longer be necessary at all if you want to run that version of the game (currently offering AI-provided voice and other features). If, however, you just want the upgraded graphics and don’t wish to have the added features of the “recreated” mod, the U4UPGRAD.ZIP file is still required to launch the U4-Upgrade module.


We’ve Moved. . . and Shrunk!

Dor-lómin is now at a new web host. While making the migration, I pared the site down to just the essentials. Things that people might want or need in the years to come. Such as the Ultima Digital Music Archive and/or Dagor Bragollach, available under “Defunct Geekery” on the right-hand menu. Along with a smattering of site news below just so the “blog” portion doesn’t look too bare.